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July 20, 2011
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2D sighed. He dropped his head letting his blue hair cover his eye... holes , and leaned back on the couch.

"2D-kun," Noodle came in,"why you not happy?" The little Japanese stood before the upset singer. "-t's nuthin, luv." 2D responded, not looking at her. "Russel-sama!" Noodle called to the other room, "Come here, yes."

The heavy set man trudged into the room. "What's up Noods?" Noodle pointed to 2D, "Why he not happy?" she asked, her english not the best.

Russel shifted his eyes to the lanky blue haired man on the couch. "What's goin on homie? Why you unhappy?" 2D just grumbled and folded his arms across his chest,"Murdoc."

Now it was Russels turn to get angry. "What he do now, D?" 2D shook his head, his anger subsiding a bit. "2D-kun, tell us what has Murdoc-san do?" Noodle asked, shaking her deep purple bangs from her eyes. Her radio helmet sat still against the jumpy girl.

2D didn't give in. Russel sighed, "Where." he simply stated. 2D removed his shirt revealing the dark blue bruises that littered his chest."

Noodle gasped in horror and looked away, covering her face. "Oh! *Watashi wa seikatsu no tame ni kizutsuke rarete iru to omou!" Russel patted the frantic girl's helmet. "It's okay baby girl. Go get me some ice, 'nd bring it  here. Go to your room later, I needa talk with D."

Noodle did as she was told, muttering in Japanese. Then she quickly dashed to her Winnebago.

Russel sighed and handed 2D the icepack. "Why'd ya let him do it?" Russel asked. 2D shook his head, placing the ice pack on his chest and hissing at the cold.

"-t's juss vat, 'e gets angered so fas'. Oi don' even know wot I do wrong." 2D sniffled, "Oi don' foight back, mate...'cause 'e scares meh a bit."

Russel put an an arm around 2D, "Chill dude, wee all are a bit scared of that fool." "Why won' e' luv me?" 2D suddenly asked. He looked up at Russel with his empty eyeholes.
Russel stared, "Ya love him dontcha. Is that why ya try not ta fight back?" 2D nodded, ashamed. "Well ya shouldn't." Russel sighed, "he's a good for nothing jerk who won't love no one but himself."

2D let out a soft, "Oh." as Russel patted his back and went after Noodle.

"So, that's wot it es, luv?" someone asked.

2D turned his head quickly to the doorway. Murdoc stood there, a grim line where his mouth should be. He stepped forwards and folded his arms before 2D.

"Ya think oi don' luv ya? Think oi don' need ya." 2D bit his lower lip and looked away. His answer was a plain and simple, whisper of a "yes."

"Well oi do." Murdoc growled. 2D looked up and noticed Murdoc's face was inches from his own. "I-..." before he could finish, Murdoc's lips crashed into his own. Murdoc gripped 2D's shoulders and pushed him down. 2D let out a whine and pulled away.

"Wot, wot is it now, luv?" Murdoc asked. 2D groaned, "It 'urts Mu'doc." he gripped his shoulder as Murdoc pulled off his shirt and let out a soft gasp.

He stared at the bruises, knowing that he had caused every single one of them. Murdoc wasn't the type to apoligize so he didn't. Instead, he kissed every bruise that was visible to him.

"It'll heal." he said hoarsley. 2D just shrugged, "Lie with me?" he asked in a tiny voice. Murdoc grumbled but nodded his head anyway. 2D moved over and Murdoc lay with him. Cautiously, Murdoc wrapped his arms arouund 2D's waist and nuzzled his neck.
He nipped ocasionally at the pale skin on 2D's neck, leaving a hickey that looked very similar to one of the bruises he had created.

When Murdoc thought that 2D was asleep, he kissed his cheek and let out a soft, "I luv ya." before getting up and walking to the carpark, to his winnebago.
2D let out a small smile. His eyes were closed yet he was awake, "Luv ya too Mu'doc."
....Ok. most ppl mite not like this stuff.
But...I really just wanted to try this. was fun. :|
Pleas dont hate me and burn my page down.

I'm sorry to dissapoint. :( ..... Gorillaz rule.

*sitts in the corner and crys* :iconnimrodplz: <-what I am.
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 Don't think so badly about you writing it's really good! * give you a hug while your in a corner * Don't put yourself down on some thing truly awesome! I love it.. :) 
awwww, thats so sweet
Mudsx2Dcrazy Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You got the characters perfect bi what did noodle say?
BloodRain545 Aug 9, 2011
You did pretty good I actually like it and I'm not the gorillaz fan that supports this. C:
XxGreenDayChicxX Aug 10, 2011  Student Writer
Thnk u! ^-^ ...accents are hard...i just ruined them. xD
BloodRain545 Aug 10, 2011
you tried your best C: that's all that matters.
This is very well written, although the pace went a little too fast. It's waaaay better than any of my writing anyhow :meow:
XxGreenDayChicxX Jul 24, 2011  Student Writer
Oh! well thnk u :meow: i kinda epically failed though. -_-
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